How will I know what level my child is in ?

All children need to go through an assessment which will allow our coaches to determine what their level is. The assessment takes a few minutes and is an in-the-water evaluation to ensure swimmers are put in a practice group that best suits their age and ability.

How many times does my child need to practice

We understand that families are busy. We offer practice opportunities up to 5 days a week. Coaches encourage swimmers to attend as many practices as possible in order to make the most progress throughout the season.

What equipment do I need ?

You will need a swim suit. We recommend a one-piece suit for girls and tight swimming shorts (jammers) for the boys. You will also need a pair of goggles and a swim cap (provided by us upon registration) . After the season starts, coaches may ask swimmers to purchase a set of fins or other equipment.

How do I know my child is ready to participate in a swim meet?

Your coach will let you and your child know when they are ready to swim at a meet. Meets are a learning experience and kids are encouraged to participate as soon as they feel comfortable.

When will my child move to the next level ?

The coach of each squad will continually assess the progress of the swimmers and when the time is right to move on to the next squad you will be contacted. As a swimmer ascends the squad structure, the level of commitment expected to be given to training and competition increases. In order to join the next squad above, a swimmer will be expected to demonstrate the required level of commitment during a trial period.

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